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The funniest picture ever pls comment it !!!

 ein Bild
ein Bild

Please comment the picture !!!


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Comment posted by ???????1, 01/09/2014 at 4:57am (UTC):
Reporter, Ventura StarFree Press, 19671969.Left for Folsom Prison with Johnny Cash Welcome to admir's web space!!! and June Carter as soon as they recorded the historic concert in 1968. Moved the crooks to Houston and diversified into electronic games. Had first arcade permit in La from ban of Many. Had first ????1 pinball games, too. Sold the primary three show robots to Playboy Mansion to be a 1980 gift to Hugh Hefner. Delivered robot on Xmas day, 1980difficult to go into detail to wife why I had to spend Christmas from the Playboy Mansion!

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